Facts & figures Norway

Official name:Kingdom of Norway

System of government: Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary democracy

Population: 5.038 million (SSB, 2012)

Capital: Oslo

Area: 323,759 sq km (125,004 sq miles)

Major language: Norwegian

Monetary unit: 1 Norwegian krone = 100 ore

Main exports: Oil and gas, metal and fish

Export value: US$ 175,8 bn (SSB, 2011)

Main trading partner: Sweden

GNP: US$ 481 bn (IMF, 2011)

GNP per capita: US $92,000 (SSB, 2012)

Consumer Price Index:1,4 % (SSB,2012)

Unemployment: 3,2% (SSB,2012)

Internet TLD:.no, .sj and .bv

International dialling code: +47

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