Ethiopian textile and leather industry – sectors with strong growth


Virke, in collaboration with Responsify hosted a breakfast meeting on possibilities in the textile and leather sectors in Ethiopia on 8th of June.

Ethiopia being on of the economies with the strongest growth in Sub Sahara Africa, has a fast growing market for production on textile and leather; for the first time is Ethiopia on the top-up and coming buying locations according to McKinsey report.. The Ethiopian government has clear 5-year planes for the future growth of the country, which include a decoupling form the start, all growth in Ethiopia without any increase in emissions.

In their Vision 2025 – the manufacturing industry plays an important part; an increase by 25% per year with the possibility of employing 200 000 Ethiopians a year.The possibilities are vast!

Well known global brands like H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and Primark have already established country offices. Indian, Turkish and Chinese companies have invested in factories in the country.