The use of trends, market research and skills to add value and create new products


Women entrepreneurs from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania took part in the WED training in Kampala 13th – 16th of January, with inspirational sessions by the Pastry Chef at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

This module on professional product development focused on customer research, and to transform the input to an optimal packaging and logo design for a new product and/or range of products in dialogue with a designer. The designer, Mr. Thies Timmermans, presented 3 possible packaging and logo possibilities for Ma’Mamas Kitchen, which were tested on potential customers.

A most interesting session was the structured brain-storming, using the open-up forum of a brainstorm – in a structured manner. Followed up with three rounds of new possible products based on each current product assortment of raw material;

  1. Each person used a few minutes by them self and came up with new possibilities

  2. A tour round the table where each got input from each of the others

  3. The Pastry Chef gave feedback to each entrepreneur

The module was a combination of how to prepare and discuss with a professional designer on a design brief in order to ensure the outcome needed for your business. How to involve the customers and develop a product based on their needs and preferences.

The last Ma'Mamas Kitchen module was highly inspirational; involving both potential customers and a professional designer give great contribution to the product development process – and new potential business opportunities may be found where you least thought, even as a by-product of your main raw material today, thinking outside the box of product development truly became more evident!