Value and growth through leadership and strategic branding


Tying the knots; lessons learned, rising and creating value and growth through leadership and strategic branding. The final module in WED 2 programme took place with entrepreneurs from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania in Kampala 28th – 30th of January, included exam presentations by the participants.

This final module focused on lessons learned and how to ensure an environment to share knowledge. The first session was lead by Virke Director Ms. Torbjørg Aalbog, with several years of experience of leading professional high level women CEO networks. The session focused on how to maintain commitment to and ensure future interest in a network. One of the key performance indicators is creating an open environment where everybody feels comfortable to share, listen and give feedback when needed. Ensuring agreement on time and format of sharing and themes is key for the leader.

The main part of the final module was sharing of Best Practices through an exam- presentation by the WED participants of what they had learned and accomplished during the programme, with feedback from their peers and an expert panel. The exams showed that the participants had made great accomplishments in their companies through changes in strategies; products and markets.

The crucial step in development of a Brand Leadership Strategy, taking the Brand Platform into strategy, is to ensure that everybody in the company, all employees are on board; they are the ones who meet the customers on a daily basis and the customers should get the same company culture who ever they meet or talk to. Mr. Jon Haukaas, Brandlab Oslo used great on-line best practices.

As a finale, Virke CEO, Ms. Madsen held a highly interesting talk on how it is to be a women CEO of an organization which has both more than doubled the number of members and changed name and positioning during her years of leadership.

- I lead through being challenged, the challenges give me the inspiration to go on, setting new goals drive the organizations into the future, says Ms. Vibeke H. Madsen