About Virke

Virke, The Federation of Norwegian Enterprise, organizes and represents over 24 000 businesses with more than 280 000 employees.

Virke was founded in 1990 by the trade organizations of Norway with the goal of creating one strong organization that could increase the influence of one of the most value creating industries in Norway. 

We work to improve the framework conditions for our members, and a Norway that values and supports those who run businesses.

Our members come from industries such as trade, knowledge, technology, travel, service, health, care, education, culture and voluntary work.

Virkes three key areas of operation

  • Influencing legislation and regulations on behalf of the members in order to create an optimal business environment. Virke has access to the highest political levels and is part of the government's regular forum for discussion of business issues on a national level.

  • Negotiating agreements with the unions on behalf of the members and support the employers in areas related to employment and labor law issues, questions around personnel issues and HR.

  • Tailoring industry communities, where Virke takes the initiative for innovation, establishing forums across industries, making industry and trend analysis and building the image of the industries ni the public domain.

As a member of Virke, you receive support within employment rights, HR, personnel and management, how to create attractive meeting places, and updated business statistics and analysis.

As a main enterprise federation, we are the connecting link between your business, the industry and the government. We live by solving problems and challenges, and know that it is all about creating values for you, your colleagues and your business.

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    Virke - The Enterprise Federation of Norway

    Phone: + 47 22 54 17 00
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    Postal and visitor address:
    Virke - The Enterprise Federation of Norway
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